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AletaToki, LLC is a private publishing house, producing works exclusively by gifted scholars ages eight to nineteen. While the release of its first collection of essays has been rescheduled for 2011, talent submissions/nominations are still being accepted. Integrating gifted talent with mainstream issues and current events, the collection will provide a public forum for profoundly intelligent students to voice their opinions on any topic of personal interest. Considered participants typically score in the 99th percentile on IQ and achievement tests, have been state-identified as gifted students and/or have been recognized for remarkable contributions in their social/academic communities. Each year, only fifty students from each state will be selected to apply for publication. Application is by invitation only.

The selection process is highly competitive. Applicants who receive a formal invitation must still be approved by an editorial board. Only approved applicants are guaranteed a place in the publication. To allow for talented students who may be overlooked, AletaToki also sponsors a public writing contest and accepts fiction/nonfiction and poetry submissions. Selected students will receive a free copy of the publication, as well as access to AletaToki’s Elite Student benefits.

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Please note: Until production resumes, all forms and questions should be submitted electronically.  

Mail addressed to P.O. Box 211154 will be returned.  

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